Get your Cigars on Par

Is there anything better than hitting the course with a good cigar? We don't think so!

We can help you provide a great golf-day experience for your members or visitors.

Our line of golf course Premium Cigars come in pre-humidified 4-Packs. We make it simple and easy for you to offer cigars while taking up little counter space (and no need for a humidor).

And let's talk dollars. With a minimum mark-up of 100%, providing cigars is the perfect way to increase your bottom line while improving the

golf experience for your customer.

Perdomo Maduro

This Maduro 4 Pack Features dark and oily Maduro wrapped morsels that will no doubt quench your thirst for a delicious premium cigar. .

Perdomo Sungrown

Sun Grown perfectiont that will satisfy your craving for a delectable premium cigar and rest easy knowing that the cigars are fresh and burn.

Kristoff Bold Spice

Kristoff Bold Spice 4 Pack are deep and rich in flavor and offer a full, well-rounded robust flavor. Perfect for the cigar and golf lover.

Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne

You can never have too much of a good thing like this 4 pack with a full host of flavors and creamy, smooth character.

Perdomo Craft Series - Pilsner

Beer drinking doesn’t always lend itself to balance, but if anyone can bring balance to the cigar-brew relationship, it’s Perdomo.

Kristoff Best of the Bold

Kristoff Best of the Bold 4 Pack are the perfect treat for a golfer looking for a maduro inspired golf day. Long, even burn and deep flavor.

Alec Bradley Fresh 4 Pack (Limited Quantity)

The Alec Bradley Toro Fresh Pack is a great Grab and Go sampler. Very low price for these 4 premium cigars.

Kristoff Natural

Kristoff Natural 4 Packs cigars have been selected to match a particular profile! Easy smoke and full burn make these perfect for a golf day.

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